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Motorbike Tours in Australia

If you are looking to take a motorcycle tour of a lifetime in Australia, check out our extensive list of special deals for both bikes and tours here: Who knows, you might be lucky enough to come across just the right trip or bike and go on an adventure you will always remember.


When you arrive to the site choose the state you wish to visit and look through the information about that particular section of the country.


Australia is truly a fantastic place for planning a motorcycle tour and it's easy to organise it as well. You will find a vast array of motorbikes, tour itineraries and places to stay. Fancy a short trip around Brisbane? Looking to cross the continent on 2 wheels? All you need to do is picking a starting point and you can arrange your dream motorcycle ride from there.


Planning a bike trip in Australia is incredibly easy. All the information needed for your very own adventure is included in our selection of self guided packages. We will advise you on which bike to ride, where do you find a stylish place to stay and what is there to see along your chosen itinerary.


Our tour packages will ensure that you won't miss fantastic places to visit nearby and we also tell you where not to go. As true lovers of the roads of Australia we will go to great lengths when we put together these guides. Start your trip now by visiting the site and picking a city to start from.


The continent down under is an excellent place to hop on a motorbike and enjoy the complete freedom some of the best motorcycle routes in the world offer. If your starting point is Sydney, you have the Snowy and the Blue Mountains, Waterfall Way and Hunter Valley nearby.


If you happen to be in Western Australia, the pristine coastline, the world famous Outback and the Kimberleys offer fantastic choices. If Brisbane is where you start, the iconic Sunshine Coast and the magical Fraser Island are places you don't wanna miss. 


These are just a few possible places and we could continue for hours but we are sure you will find just the trip for you in this great country. Swann Insurance let's you enjoy your trip by providing the perfect coverage for your bike.


While a lot of the destinations are located in Eastern Australia, we have to include other unmissable places like Tasmania. You can string some of the best features of Victoria with an incredible touring adventure in Tasmania. 


If your goal is to discover less travelled roads away from the masses this just might be your dream destination. If it has to do with motorbikes and Australia we are confident that you will find all you need on our information guides.


They contain all the details you need for the full trip so you can get the most out of your riding holiday. We hope to meet you sometime soon on one of our trip. Until then, ride safe!